Get rid of politics, stop divisive gossip and build a thriving organisation.

Give your people a free, confidential video call service to share any issues, raise any concerns and talk to someone impartial.  They get a safe space to air problems and offload.  You get early feedback on potential issues and concerns affecting your business that you might otherwise not find out about. 

We collate de-personalised themes and provide recommendations, advice and support to solve the relevant issues all as part of a low, monthly price.

How It works.

Employee books a call

Your team members can book a confidential video call or online chat to share any concerns they have about work or just talk to someone different. Especially helpful if more and more people are working remotely by themselves.

We analyse the data

Over the month, we analyse and collate all the contacts received and anonymously extract any relevant and important ongoing themes or concerns that require your attention.

You solve the problem

The Culture Guy, our delivery partner, provides a free monthly report unpacking the state of play with feedback and recommendations to improve employee wellbeing and deal with any specific issues raised.

How it helps your business

Increased productivity.

With fewer people worrying about problems they can't air and less gossiping in quiet corners, productivity increases.

Increased Revenue.

With a stronger culture, increased productivity and higher levels or motivation and commitment, research shows revenue can increase as much as 650%.

Reduced staffing costs.

Reducing staff turnover will have a massive impact on the employee costs and with fewer absences costs can be significantly reduced.

Higher engagement.

Your employees feel like they are valuable and problems get heard and dealt with, so engagement and commitment increases.

Quick Diagnosis

Identify and cycle through potentially damaging issues before they can to any damage to your business and your brand.

Happier Workplace

Your team gets a place to offload and vent without putting important working relationships at risk. A safe space to discuss sensitive issues and whistleblow with out the personal fallout.

Simple Pricing

for organisations
from £192/month
  • £32 per employee per month
  • Minimum 6 employees
  • Unlimited calls
  • Fortnightly reporting
  • Monthly management 1:1s
  • Actionable recommendations

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